How i Made this Website

Published On: 04 Nov 2015 ❰❰ Too Many Dreams

Why i made this?

A few weeks back i was thinking about having a personal space to share my thoughts in words, and i decided to buy one domain exclusively for that; hence ended up here.

As the first step i bought a domain name and obviously spend some time designing the page.

this is what my old website looks like My Old Website Screenshot

Something was missing…

Yes a blog, which is a kind of good thing to have and i like blogging as well. My friend Jikku Jose told me about Jekyll. Being a ruby developer Jikku cant stop talking about Jekyll awesomeness. Although he dislikes something about it.

Yes Jekyll is awesome

You know what, i like Jekyll very much. Its super cool with or without some additional plugins (yes _plugins)

How to build a website from Jekyll

I will be sharing some technical details about making a website with Jekyll and host it in in another article » How to build a website from Jekyll

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